Connect your Keplr wallet with Uptick

Pre-requisite Readings

The Keplr browser extension is a wallet for accessing applications in the Cosmos ecosystem and managing user identities. It can be used to connect to Uptick through the official testnet and request Funds from the Faucet.

Install Keplr

Add the Keplr browser extension following the instructions on the Keplr website. The Keplr extension is officially supported only on Chromium-based explorers.

Create/Import Account

Open the Keplr extension on your browser. If you are setting up Keplr for the first time, you can either create a new account or import an existing account. Refer to the Keplr documentation for further information.

Connect to Uptick Testnet and Request Funds from the Faucet

Once you are signed in to the Keplr extension, visit the Faucet and click the Request Funds with Keplr button. Then approve the both following pop ups Chain Add Request and Request Connection to add the Uptick testnet chain (uptick_7000-2) to Keplr and approve the connection.

After approval, you can see a transaction confirmation informing you that auoc have been successfully transferred to your uptick address on the testnet (only secp256k1 addresses are supported).

You can request Uptick from the Faucet for each address only once every 24h. If you try to request multiple times within the 24h cooldown phase, no transaction will be initiated. Please try again in 24 hours.

View your account balance either by clicking on the Keplr extension or by interacting with the node. Note that Faucet might not display the amount of auoc transferred by the Faucet, as it might be smaller than the number of decimals displayed in the Keplr extension.

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