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Tendermint KMS

Tendermint KMS is a key management service that allows separating key management from Tendermint nodes. In addition it provides other advantages such as:
  • Improved security and risk management policies
  • Unified API and support for various HSM (hardware security modules)
  • Double signing protection (software or hardware based)
It is recommended that the KMS service runs in a separate physical hosts.


Detailed build instructions can be found here.
When compiling the KMS, ensure you have enabled the applicable features:
Recommended Command line
cargo build --features yubihsm
Ledger + Tendermint App
cargo build --features ledgertm


A KMS can be configured using the following HSMs:

Using a YubiHSM

Detailed information on how to setup a KMS with YubiHSM2 can be found here